BG Industrial Doctors Inc. can supply Craftsmen to install bases and equipment to API 686 9th edition standards. All personal use completed tasked check sheets through out installations

  • Equipment preservation
  • Pre alignment
  • Base level
  • Grout
  • Lubrication
  • Install and aligned
  • Pipe strain
  • Commissioning
  • Operations


BG Industrial Doctors Inc. provides inspections and corrective repairs in the following disciplines:

  • Vibration analysis
  • Precision Alignments with thermal growth calculations (laser or dials)
  • On-site balancing of rotating equipment
  • Lubrication Program, analysis collection and installation of sample points
  • Air bourn Ultra sound inspection. For greasing, bearing defect, and leak detection
  • Rotating Equipment/fault failure & corrective analysis
  • Warranty assistance


  • Plant maintenance and turn around Millwrights
  • Shaft Alignment procedures
  • Preventative and Planning maintenance procedures
  • Rebuild/rework procedures
  • Condition monitoring program
  • Lubrication program
  • Ultrasound program
  • Training programs for operations and craftsmen
  • Fault failure analysis
  • Local apprentices

THIRD PARTY INSPECTION of rotating equipment.

For new installations and or verification of existing equipment


  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control with a reliability service
  • Procedures and Verification Checklists
  • Inspection Coordination
  • Inspection before components/equipment leave manufacturer
  • Inspection before components/equipment leave rebuild facility
  • Initial test runs & diagnosis at manufacturers’ facility
  • On-Site Receiving Inspection
  • On-Site Quality Assurance
  • Re-inspection of components/equipment upon installation
  • Vendor/Supplier Surveillance

NOTE: All of the above will be electronically documented for client retrieval.


When requested to do so, BG Industrial Doctors Inc. can also provide inspections at vendor/supplier facilities. The following could be included in these inspections:

  • Crating & Shipping Inspection
  • Receiving Inspection
  • Damage Surveys
  • Materials Verification
  • Vendor/Supplier Auditing
  • Final and Pre-Release for Shipment Inspection

NOTE: The above would conform to client specifications.

  • Inspection of general appearance and conformity to contractual specifications
  • Witness or supervise fastening with proper devices to ensure arrival of undamaged materials
  • Witness or supervise unloading of materials to ensure receipt of undamaged materials


The services BG Industrial Doctors Inc. listed below will done to precision standards that will meet or exceed API and ANSI, specifications with documentation.

  • Installation of base plates/soleplates
  • Installation of all types of rotating equipment to bases.
  • Verification signature checklists e.g. foundation, pre-alignment, pipe and electrical conduit strain.
  • Procedures for precision alignment (coupled and belt drives)
  • Thermal growth calculations to operating temperature
  • Interface with clients engineering and QA/QC personnel
  • Reports of equipment manufacturing variances and procedure deviation
  • Final reports complete with sign off documentation


BG Industrial Doctors Inc. Are capable of providing data collection and monitoring of new or rebuilt equipment, Complete with fault failure & corrective analysis reports. The services we offer include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Stationary equipment e.g.: Pumps, compressors, gearboxes, turbines, crushers
  • Mining equipment e.g.: Electric/hydraulic shovels, Heavy haul trucks

All baseline documentation can be electronically stored for client retrieval and may be used for insurance or warranty purposes.

Equipment status and reliability analysis reports are maintained for easy comprehension. Updated reports shall be integrated into the client’s database to suit the client’s needs.


  • Test for natural frequencies, resonance on new installations & recommendation of detuning procedures
  • Supply natural frequency amplitude data for finite element software analysis